About Us


Chris Cander Testimonial

“I started training at Young Brothers Taekwondo in 2009 for the exercise and the structure. What I encountered went far, far deeper than that: I am part of a multi-national history, a tradition, a dojang, and a group of practitioners who feel like family—and they are all are an inexorable part of my identity.”


– Chris Cander

Testimonial from Josh & Ali Septimus

“Our children started at Young Brothers almost 2 years ago. Since then, in addition to the physical fitness component, we feel like they have learned valuable lessons from Master Giambi and his staff: commitment, delayed gratification, and body control. Taekowndo is a great way to your kids “in shape” both physically and mentally.”


– Josh & Ali Septimus

Ali Septimus’ Testimonial

“I began my practice of taekwondo to learn about self-defense and improve my coordination while getting a great work-out. After many years of experience through my 20’s and now my 40’s, I am fit, disciplined and self confident. Even after more than 10 years of practice, there is always a new challenge; new skills to learn, opportunities to teach others and ambition to work harder.”


– Ali Septimus

Aliza & Chaim Sigler’s Testimonial

“Young Brothers Taekwondo has been like family to me and my kids. They are strict but fair and loving.  Our 2 kids have been training under Grand Master Giambi and his very well trained and skilled staff for 3 years.  The staff has always been very attentive to our needs and the needs of our children.”


– Aliza and Chaim Sigler

The school has hours and times that fit our very busy schedules.  Our children love going and cannot wait until after school to get to Taekwondo.  Our oldest son is testing for his black belt and along with their regular weekly schedule they have special classes on Sunday just for belt testing.  Their instructors are amazing and have made every possible stride to help our children excel, especially with their option for specialized private lessons. We love Young Brothers Taekwondo!

Marijn Yuan’s Testimonial

“I started Taekwondo about 6 years ago at age 46 and absolutely love it!  At Young Brothers, they give you the BEST combination of getting in shape (first 20 minutes is conditioning and working on flexibility), practicing the traditional patterns and sparring, and learning self defense skills.  There are always new things to learn, I have never been bored and I love how we all encourage each other to show up and train hard.  I really look forward to spending time with this group of people and come out of class tired and relaxed and ready to deal with whatever the day will bring.”


– Marijn Yuan

Testimonial from Farah Shah

“It was almost 13 years ago that I watched my niece and nephews’ life become enriched while taking classes at Young Brothers Taekwondo. Now, with my own children, I see first hand how this was accomplished. Under the guidance and leadership of Master Giambi, Young Brothers Taekwondo has consistently ensured a high level of teaching. Endurance, focus, respect, and self discipline are taught by highly qualified instructors who are also great role models for the students.”

– Farah Shah, MD

There may be other martial arts programs in Houston, but none compare to Young Brothers Taekwondo. The warm, friendly environment is evident the second you walk through the door and are greeted by name and with a big smile by Kim Giambi. How she remembers every student’s name is beyond me! Everything about this place is truly top notch.

I gladly wrote the testimonial above 10 years ago.  Today, those words are more true than ever!   My oldest daughter trained under the direction of Master Giambi and his outstanding instructors.  When she was 7 years old, there were days she didn’t even want to go to taekwondo.  Master Giambi pushed her when she needed to be pushed and encouraged her when she needed encouragement.  In addition to her regular training, Master Giambi chose her to participate on the competition team where she learned to compete in Olympic sparring.  While I do not think that my daughter is a gifted athlete, the structure and training and instruction brought her to the point that she went to AAU Nationals in Olympic sparring 5 years in a row, earning a silver and a bronze medal at Nationals!  I do not think there is another taekwondo training facility in the country that could have instilled the confidence and ability and fitness into my daughter that Young Brothers did.  The day that my daughter earned her Black belt was the proudest I have ever been of her.


I was thrilled recently when my youngest daughter wanted to start training at Young Brothers.  In just 11 months she has earned her Purple belt.  My husband was so impressed with Master Giambi and the instructors and program at Young Brothers, that he has recently started training there too.  While it is always difficult to work a new activity into a busy schedule, it has been more than worth it with his improved fitness and sense of well-being.  The time he spends personally and with our children training at Young Brothers is invaluable.


My oldest daughter has now returned to Young Brothers Taekwondo as a children’s instructor.  Watching her pay forward the patience, kindness, firmness and desire to instill discipline, respect and hard work into her young students is heartwarming.  I enthusiastically recommend Young Brothers Taekwondo to anyone, child or adult, who wants to get involved in taekwondo at any level, from beginner to multiple Dan Black Belt.  After just a few months of training you feel like part of the family at Young Brothers Taekwondo.