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2 Week Trial Course

Experience the fundamentals of Taekwondo by registering for our 2 week introductory course. Get a free uniform when you sign up today.


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Self-Defense Training Class

We offer a self-defense training program that teaches the average person how to defend themselves if a perpetrator ever attacked them.


Price: $45.00

Belt Testing Enrollment

Pay for your belting testing online and enroll to demonstrate at our next belt testing session. You are one step closer to advancing to the next level.


Price: $55.00

A.A.U. Region 9 Taekwondo Championship

March 3, 2018


Butler Sports Complex
13755 South Main
Houston, Texas 77035

Contact Kim Giambi at Young Brothers Taekwondo: 713-666-6655


The Local Organizing Committee (LOC), along with the AAU has spent many hours planning and preparing for this AAU Event. In order to make it a great success, we are asking for your cooperation. It is the responsibility of the parents, coach, instructor and athlete to ensure that the application is in on time and complete.

Welcome to Young Brothers Taekwondo in Houston, Texas

The famous Chinese philosopher Laozi (Lao Tzu) once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” There is much truth to this quote when an individual begins their training in Taekwondo.


When the student begins as a white belt, he begins his journey toward becoming a Black Belt. In the martial arts, the Black Belt indicates that the student has reached a high level of excellence. Not all students aspire to become Black Belts; however, as in all things, it is the journey that matters, not just the destination alone.


Students enroll at Young Brothers for various reasons; some to gain self-confidence or self-discipline, others for physical fitness benefits, and still others for pure self-defense. The truth is, you can take advantage of all of these benefits and much more. You first must make a commitment to Taekwondo and work hard to attain excellence at each of the belt levels.


“The ultimate goal of Martial Arts Training is to achieve physical, mental and spiritual harmony. Taekwondo aims to achieve courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit.”


9th Dan Grand Master Mark Giambi

Grand Master Mark Giambi

9th Dan Grand Master Mark Giambi began his Taekwondo training at the age of twelve, with World Champion and 9th Dan Grand Master Young Bo Kong as his original and primary teacher. Over the years, Grand Master Giambi also met and learned from some of the most prominent and highly respected Korean masters in North America.

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Our Mission

“Through Taekwondo training, we strive to develop the full potential in our students, enabling them to embrace the challenges of life more successfully, while setting the highest standard of excellence.”


– 9th Dan Grand Master Mark Giambi

Young Brothers Taekwondo (YBT) provides unparalleled martial arts training throughout the United States, offering world-class taekwondo classes taught by Taekwondo Masters and experienced instructors with a minimum of 4th Degree Black Belt and higher. At our Houston locations, all of our Master Instructors are chosen and trained by Grand Master Mark Giambi before they teach and establish their schools.